June, 2021 | No. 6 | Volume 65

Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: Balancing Form, Freedom, and Function, by Mark Mayberry

MEDITATIONS: “Is Christ Divided?” by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Running the Race Without Spectators, by Lindsay Mast

CHALLENGES FACING CHRISTIANS: The Progressive Movement: Progressivism in the Workplace, by Corey Willis

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: Examples of Dependence in Worship, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Can you please clear up some confusion about the meaning of “godliness”? by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Where Has God Placed You? by Barry Britnell


Will the Baptism Issue Be Settled? by Dick Blackford

What Do Leaders Need Today? by Keith Hamilton

Pick Up a Book, by Chris Reeves

Dad’s Last To-Do List, by Kevin Maxey

The New American Bible Revised Edition and the Apocrypha, by Steve Wallace

The Gift of God, by Mike Cooner

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