November, 2017 | No. 11 | Volume 61

Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: The Duty of Shepherds

by Mark Mayberry

HOW THE BIBLE CAME TO US: "My Bible Doesn't Say That"

by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Teaching Our Children: The Principle of the Language (Part I)

by Aleta Samford

DOCTRINE: Reward vs. Punishment: Biblical Teaching

by David Flatt

FAMILY: Maintaining Spiritual Focus

by Gary Watt

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: "Was the thief on the cross saved (cf. Luke 23:43)?"

by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: The Lord's People at Corinth

by Leon Mauldin


Article 1: An Old-Fangled Math Problem

by Tim Matheny

Article 2: "You Who Are Spiritual"

by Steve Wallace

Article 3: What Comes Next?

by Greg Litmer

Article 4: So, Where Do You Go?

by Lewis Willis

Article 5: Will a Name or Signboard Save Us?

by Ron Halbrook

Article 6: Strange Things I Keep Hearing

by Rufus Clifford III

Article 7: Presiding Over the Collection

by John R. Gentry