July, 2021 | No. 7 | Volume 65

Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: The Work of Shepherds, by Phillip Stuckey

MEDITATIONS: What Does Heb. 10:25 Teach?, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Jesus, Draw Me Ever Nearer, by Sherelyn Mayberry

CHALLENGES FACING CHRISTIANS: Progressivism in Modern Religion, by Daniel H. King, Sr.

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: Mindfulness, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: What Is the Meaning of Luke 3:4-6?, by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Paul’s Walk to Assos, by Leon Mauldin

THEME: The Work of Shepherds

Working with One Another, by Jim Deason

Working with the Deacons, by Bruce Reeves

Working with the Saints, by Gary Watt

Working with the Evangelist, by Sherrel Mercer

Working with the Weak, by Max Dawson

Working with the Wayward, by Donnie V. Rader

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