February, 2021 | No. 2 | Volume 65

Table of Contents


GUEST EDITORIAL: Jesus: The Name Above Every Name, by Bruce Reeves

MEDITATIONS: Outsiders, by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: TEACHING CHILDREN: The Law of Review and Application, by Aleta Samford

DOCTRINE: REFLECTIONS ON ROMANS: Conclusion (Romans 16), by David Flatt

PRINCIPLES OF PRAISE: Examples of Reverence, by Matthew Bassford

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Why Do Some Denominations "Baptize" Babies? by Bobby L. Graham

ARCHAEOLOGY: Try the Impossible, by Barry Britnell

THEME: Jesus, Name Above All Names

Jesus, the Powerful Creator, by Tyler Sams

Jesus, the Divine Servant, by Shawn Chancellor

Jesus, the Lamb of God, by Jeff Wilson

Jesus, the Compassionate High Priest, by Daniel H. King, Sr.

Jesus, the Glorious King, by Shane Carrington

Jesus, Our Righteous Judge, by Robert F. Harkrider