August, 2020 | No. 08 | Volume 64

Table of Contents


EDITORIAL: Pride Goes Before Destruction, by David Dann

MEDITATIONS: “Elementary Principles,” by Kyle Pope

WOMEN'S INSIGHTS: Teaching Our Children: The Law of the Learning Process (Part II), by Aleta Samford

DOCTRINE: REFLECTIONS ON ROMANS: God’s Selection and Reshaping a Remnant, by David Flatt

THE CHURCH: Lord, Teach Us to Pray, by Robert Harkrider

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, by Bobby L. Graham | A reader inquires, “How should I answer the radicals in People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) when they protest eating meat?”

ARCHAEOLOGY: The Mount of Olives, by Trent and Rebekah Dutton


What Is the Allure of Pride? by Steven J. Wallace

Portraits of Pride, by Jesse Flowers

Pride in the Home, by Shane Carrington

Pride and the Local Church, by Heath Rogers

Pride and Preachers, by Bruce Reeves

Overcoming Pride, by Kevin Maxey