"The Un-Reliable Gospel Advocate"

Robert Jackson
Nashville, Tennessee

Her admirers have designated the Gospel Advocate as the 'Ole Reliable.' If her admirers would only read the Advocate they would see that the name 'Ole Reliable' is a misnomer, for she ought to be styled the "OLE UN-RELIABLE.' If you will note the following quotations from the Advocate I believe you can see what I mean:

( I ) ADULT GOSPEL QUARTERLY, October, November, December of 1961, page 22; which deals with James 1:27.

"James places this responsibility upon the INDIVIDUAL CHRISTIAN (Caps. mine-- RJ). He is not talking about the work of a congregation, but of those individuals who are to live in pure religion. This means that you have the job of doing what you are able to do to care for those who are in need. You must not sit back to wait for your parents, or the congregation which you attend, or anyone else to do your part in this work: it is God's work for you."

I had to rub my eyes to see if I had read this right. I had to look at the name of the Quarterly several times to make sure I was not wrong. In my preaching I have affirmed that Jas. 1:27 applies to the INDIVIDUAL and NOT TO THE WORK OF A CONGREGATION and the followers of the Advocate called me "Anti." If the Gospel Advocate is not careful she is going to help a lot of young people believe the truth on James 1: 2 7.

(2) ADULT GOSPEL QUARTERLY, October, November, December, 1961, page 6; which deals with this same verse and subject says:

"Here, as often elsewhere in the scriptures, is there ample evidence of the RIGHT OF THE CHURCHES OF CHRIST TO SUPPORT HOMES FOR THE AGED, (Caps. mine--RJ ), ( Cf. James 1: 2 7 ) .

How about that! In the Quarterly to the young the Advocate says that James 1:27 is to the individual and not to the congregation and in the same year in the adult Quarterly she says that it is to the church.

Truth Magazine IX, 3: p. 21
December 1964